My Favorite Internet Sites

Colored building by ocean

This is a living list of some of my favorite sites on the internet which shape my thoughts, both personally and globally.

Reality Zone – A collection of significant news items not promoted in the main stream media.

Proverbs Commentary – A thorough examination of almost every verse in Proverbs delivered with spiritual acumen and depth  in an unabashed style.

Know Your Enemy video series – A exposure and history of the workings of Satan by a tireless Scottish disciple, Mark Fairley.

Drudge Report – A popular meta news site with links to articles and commentators.

Spiritual Twist – A unique Christian Youth Theater in Garner, NC led by the incomparable Natalie Snapp. Natalie is one of the best leaders i have ever met, inside or outside of the Church. Original plays and music are performed by a children 4-18.

War of Words – Paul Tripp – A moving video on the power and significance of our words. Paul Tripp is one of my favorite teachers.

TED Conference – A leading edge exposure to the latest in Technology, Education, and Development. I love that they force a presenter, who has worked on a project for years, to condense their presentation to 18 minutes thus imparting the essence of their passion.

Bible Study Tools – A comprehensive site for Bible reading and studying. There are a plethora of material including bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, concordances, etc.


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