Caveat Emptor

Caveat Emptor

Donald Trump boasts that his self-funded campaign and having no super Pacs proves that he is not beholden to any organization. The media allows him to call into news shows which no other candidate has been offered. He conveniently avoids the $1.9B of “free” air time donated by the media (see chart below). That is 6 times more than Ted Cruz. His entertainment value is not justification for leading the greatest country in the world. Trump also unleashed a vicious attack on Cruz through his supporter, the National Enquirer. His character is deeply flawed and unfit for the Presidency. Unfortunately, nobody knows how President Trump would govern,  which is scary.  If elected, I assume that we will end up as a media puppet master that governs by threats, bullying, and unconstitutional proclamations. Caveat Emptor, my fellow Americans.

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2 thoughts on “Caveat Emptor

  1. Hi Mitch!

    As scary as Trump may be (or any of the other candidates, for that matter), I have some faith in the checks and balances of our government to keep any of them from doing something really stupid. Trump is non-Establishment, and the Establishment will make sure he does not do anything stupid (or at the minimum, what they don’t want done). However, this does not stop Trump from acting like an idiot in front of the rest of the world, which hurts our credibility. In the end, I hope that a Trump presidency will CHANGE the Establishment to do a better job of recognizing the non-Establishment, but it is the non-Establishment that will put Trump in the presidency.

    . . . Or the Rep leadership is going to drive the whole party off a cliff when they nominate Cruz at a brokered convention!


    • Trump is a wild card because of his unpredictability. I think if Cruz is within 200 delegates at the convention then he could get the nomination without fracturing the party. In 1860, Lincoln went to the convention with 100 and Seward had 171 (230 needed). After the 3rd ballot Lincoln had 230 and Seward 100. If Cruz is 500 away it will fracture the party. If anybody other than Trump or Cruz win then the party is over.

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