Dimensional Perspective


Solomon built his palace adjacent to God’s temple, dwarfing the house of God. The height was the same, but the front porch was 2.5 times wider and the footprint of the building was over 8 times larger than the temple. Visitor’s eyes were captivated by the palace first.

The temple was only 1340 sq. /ft., which is the size of a small 2-3 bedroom ranch style house. Our first home was about this size originally. The side view of the temple was shaped like a saltine cracker, 45 feet by 45 feet. A 45-foot ceiling  magnifies the height in a footprint this small.

Reference 1 Kings 6:2 for the dimensions of the temple

Solomon’s house was massive. It contained over 11,000 sq. /ft. on the ground floor (1/4 acre), along with a 45-foot ceiling. The awestruck visitors were engulfed by the copious accommodations.

Reference 1 King 7:2 for dimensions of Solomon’s house

For perspective, I compared the dimensions of Noah’s ark to the temple and Solomon’s house. The ark was 450 feet long (1.5 football fields in length) by 75 feet wide by 45 feet tall. Notice the height of the ark is the same as the temple and Solomon’s house. The main deck of the ark was about 34,000 sq./ft (3/4 acre). Since ship decks are not rectangular the number would be smaller, but less than 10%. He probably had 2-3 decks under the main deck. If he had two decks below the main then there was 1.25 to 1.5 acres for animals and food for 40 days. If he had 3 decks below, then there were about 2 acres available. How he separated the wild animals from the tame animals on the ark to prevent some of the predators being predators is another story.

When reading the bible it’s interesting to relate the dimensions and scale to our reality.

Note: My calculations are below. If you see any errors then let me know.


Solomon’s house L- 100 x W- 50 x H- 30 (cubits) 150x75x 45 (cubit = 1.5 ft.)

Temple – L- 30 x W- 20 x H-30 (cubits) 45 x 30 x 45 (cubit = 1.5 ft.)


House – 5000 sq. cubits 11,250 sq. /ft. (about ¼ acre)

Temple – 600 sq. cubits 1350 sq. /ft. (about .03 acre)

House was 8x the footprint of the temple

Noah’s ark – L- 300 x W- 50 x H- 30 (cubits) 450 x 75 x 45 (feet)

Footprint of main deck – approximately 34000 sq. /ft. (about 3/4 acre)


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